A letter to the Prime Minister and the Members of Parliament: Call for Taiwan’s inclusion in the WHO and other international organisations

Dear Prime Minister and Members of the National Cabinet,

It is great news for Australia as we see the coronavirus curve flattening with the government’s effective response to the COVID19 pandemic. The coronavirus outbreak has reminded us of the importance of transparency, unity and cooperation between countries as we fight the global pandemic. We, the Taiwanese Association of Canberra, Australia (TACA), are grateful for Australian MPs’ earlier call for the WHO to include Taiwan. As the annual World Health Assembly (WHA) will be held in less than a week, Taiwan has not yet received its invitation to participate. We are therefore writing to request a formal proposal from Australia to support Taiwan’s participation in the WHO and other major international organisations.

In 2003, Taiwan was hit hard by the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). The island was left alone to fight the infectious disease as the WHO refused to share any critical information or offer any help to Taiwan due to political pressure from the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Seventeen years later, Taiwan undertook serious preparation when the first case of the then-unknown virus was reported in China. Unable to receive cooperation and crucial information from China or the WHO, the Taiwanese government implemented effective prevention and response strategies in the early stages to prevent panic and outbreak in the country.

As of today, Taiwan — half the size of Tasmania and with a similar-sized population as Australia — has only 440 confirmed cases and 7 deaths. The combined effort of medical professionals, the government, private sectors, and Taiwanese society has not only successfully prevented the spread in the country, but this response has also demonstrated Taiwan’s capability and willingness to extend humanitarian and medical assistance to many parts of the world.

However, even as a truly democratic country in Asia, where citizens enjoy freedom of speech, human rights and gender equality, Taiwan is excluded from most major international organisations, including the United Nations and the WHO due to political pressure from the PRC. If a similar health emergency were to occur again in the future, excluding Taiwan from discussions relating to global matters will have a direct impact on the wellbeing, welfare and safety of Taiwan, Australia and the international community. The recognition and support of Taiwan by Australia is more important than ever. To stand for the true values of rights to equality, health for all and no one left behind, we urgently request Australia’s support for Taiwan’s participation in international organisations, including Australian backing of the proposal made by Taiwan’s thirteen diplomatic allies to join the upcoming WHA.

Thank you. We shall look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Jasmine Lin


Taiwanese Association of Canberra, Australia

澳洲坎培拉台灣同鄉會Letter to the PM and Members of the National Cabinet

[公告] A petition to invite Taiwan as an observer in the WHA 給世界衛生組織的一封信

臺灣今年又沒有收到世界衛生大會的邀請函,同鄉會寄了一封信給國際衛生組織總幹事Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, 籲請 WHO 邀請我國出席

Taiwan has not received the invitation to the 2019 World Health Assembly, TACA sent a letter to the WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urgently request WHO to invite Taiwan to attend the WHA as an observer


Dear Dr Ghebreyesus,

This is the third time that we, the Taiwanese Association of Canberra, Australia (TACA) write to you to request that the World Health Organisation (WHO) extend the invitation to Taiwan to participate in the upcoming 72nd World Health Assembly (WHA) on 20-28 May 2019.

On 21 February 2019, WHO held a meeting on flu vaccines in Beijing but Taiwan did not receive an invitation until the day of the event, thus was unable to send any representatives to attend. Having no access to important health information not only can put the lives of all the citizens and residents in Taiwan in danger but also risk lives globally when serious influenza viruses spread. How does WHO ensure that we build a better, healthier future for people all over the world as stated on your website when a large number of people are ignored?

Although WHO claims that it is firmly committed to the principles set out in the Constitution that the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition, Taiwan did not receive an invitation to the WHA in 2017 and 2018. This year Taiwan has not yet received an invitation to participate in this important event.

The WHO Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct 4.3 Human Rights and Humanitarian Contexts 50 also states:

In line with the “Human Rights Up Front” (HRuF) initiative launched in 2013 by the UN Secretary-General, WHO shares the moral responsibility to act to, “prevent or respond to serious and large-scale violations of human rights or international humanitarian law”, and anchors human rights as a “core responsibility”.

This decision to not invite Taiwan is a result of WHO bowing to political pressure from China. Denying Taiwan the chance to participate in the WHA and rejecting the right of the 23.76 million Taiwanese people to timely access to critical medical information not only violates the Constitution, ethical principles, and code of conduct but also creates a significant gap in global cooperation on public health safety and disease prevention.

Taiwan has had universal health care coverage for all citizens since 1995 and has one of the best health care systems in the world from which all countries can learn. In recent years, Taiwan has transformed from an aid recipient to an assistance provider. The Taiwan Government attempted to donate USD $1 million to WHO to assist fighting Ebola virus, but the offer was declined by WHO due to political reasons.

Health is a basic human right. TACA strongly advises WHO to give Taiwan the opportunity to be offered the same level of health care as other nations, and for it to be allowed access to critical health information like other countries. We urgently request WHO to consider extending the invitation to Taiwan to attend the 2019 and all future WHAs.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Chan-Feng Lin


Chuan-Min Jasmine Lin


TACA’s petition to WHO to invite Taiwan as an observer in the WHA



[轉發] 科技部108年度海外人才歸國橋接方案 Leaders in Future Trend (LIFT)


科技部為回應臺灣產學研各界對前瞻科研領域人才需求及海外人才歸國期待,自106年開始推動「海外人才歸國橋接方案 Leaders in Future Trends (LIFT)」,以號召我國赴海外留學的人才,返國貢獻所學。本年度將持續辦理「108年度海外人才歸國橋接方案(LIFT2.0)」,以建置平台,積極促成海外學人與國內產學研機構進行線上/線下媒合,並提供返國學人來回機票補助與全程免費食宿,安排返國學人參加「海外學人返國交流會」,與國內產學研機構進行面對面交流,以促成海外學人回臺就業發展。



1. LIFT2.0LIFT2.0海報(英文)

2. LIFT2.0 海外學人廣宣(中文)

3. LIFT2.0徵件辦法(中英文)


彭雙俊組長sjpong@most.gov.tw, 02-61201001

王凱石秘書kswang@most.gov.tw, 02-61201003

[課程] 坎培拉台灣同鄉會華語學校2019年開課了! 2019 TACA Mandarin Language School Terms and Dates

Kids class

Entry level

3:15 – 5:15pm every Saturday
Term 1: 9 February – 13 April 2019 ($160 for 8 weeks)
Term 2: 4 May – 6 July 2019 ($160 for 8 weeks)

Continuous Class

1:15 – 3:15 pm every Sunday (FULL)
Term 1: 10 February – 14 April 2019 ($180 for 9 weeks)
Term 2: 5 May – 7 July 2019 ($160 for 8 weeks)

Adult Class

Entry Level

1:00 – 3: 00 pm every Saturday
Term 1: 9 February – 13 April 2019 ($200 for 8 weeks)
Term 2: 4 May – 6 July 2019 ($200 for 8 weeks)

Continuous Class

11:00 am – 1:00 pm every Sunday
Term 1: 10 February – 14 April 2019 ($225 for 9 weeks)
Term 2: 5 May – 7 July 2019 ($200 for 8 weeks)

Course material: Let’s Learn Chinese 學華語向前走

* No classes on school holiday, Canberra Day, Easter holiday, Reconciliation Day and Queen’s Birthday

Please note, if you have paid for the course and decide to withdraw, you will only receive a refund if you send us an email to withdraw before the first class of the term starts. After the classes start, students will not receive a refund, unless the course is cancelled.

The TACA Mandarin Language School is generously supported by the ACT Government.

ACT government logo

For more information please check the Mandarin School’s Facebook page or contact tacaschool@gmail.com

[活動] 貳零壹玖澳洲坎培拉臺灣同鄉會豬年新春春節餐會 | 2019 TACA Lunar New Year Celebration

CNY lunch

臺灣同鄉會誠摯地邀請您參加豬年新春春節餐會! TACA invites you to join us for a lunch to celebrate the Year of the Pig!

日期/Date: 2019年2月17日 (週日) Sunday 17 February 2019

時間/Time: 12PM- 3PM

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[公告] HealthPlus General Practice

需要找GP嗎? Casey 有一家新的GP診所是台灣的醫師開的喔!

HealthPlus General Practice


宋梅若醫師 Dr Melanie Sung
宋文山醫師 Dr Wen Shan Sung


68 Dalkin Crescent
Casey, ACT 2913
(Next to Casey Market Town)

1300 471 471

[照片] TACA 2018 台灣國慶遊湖健行 | TACA 2018 Taiwan National Day Walk



本次活動感謝  駐澳大利亞臺北經濟文化辦事處 贊助


[照片] TACA 2018 中秋節暨會員大會| TACA 2018 Mid Autumn Festival/ AGM



本次活動感謝  澳洲首都特區政府 及 駐澳大利亞臺北經濟文化辦事處 贊助



[活動] TACA 2018 台灣國慶遊湖健行 | TACA 2018 Taiwan National Day Walk



請大家將這一天空出來,讓我們在美麗的Lake Burley Griffin一起迎接2018年春天的到來。

今年例如往常我們將在活動後提供午餐便當,本次將由White Chaco Restuarant的 Sammy and Andrew 大廚精心準備。



集會地點: Lennox Garden, Flynn Drive, Yarralumla ACT 2600

費用:免費 (數量有限,請務必於9月30日前至Eventbrite註冊)









It’s time again to celebrate Taiwan’s democracy and to show the world our commitment to human rights and freedom.

Reserve that weekend. Let’s say hello to the 2018 spring together at the beautiful Lake Burley Griffin.

This year, we will again prepare bento boxes after the exercise, proudly prepared by Chefs Sammy and Andrew from White Chaco Restaurant in Braddon


Date/ Time: 7 October (Sunday) 10:00 am

Meeting point: Lennox Garden, Flynn Drive, Yarralumla ACT 2600

Fee: Free. RSVP essential over Eventbrite before 30/09

Parking: Please refer to the map for parking

We encourage all participants to bring own water bottles to minimise waste and to save our environment. We will provide water drinking stations.


Taiwanese Bento box includes

Taiwanese Style Deep Fried Chicken, Mixed Stew, Mapo Tofu, Taiwanese style pickled vegetables and Rice

Vegetarian Bento box includes

Vegetarian Mapo tofu, Vegetarian Eggplant stew, Broccoli, Taiwanese style pickled vegetables and Rice

Lennox Garden

[活動]TACA 2018中秋節暨會員大會| TACA 2018 Mid Autumn Festival/ AGM




It is springtime and flowers are blooming again. TACA invites you for lunch to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival.

It’s also an opportunity to have our Annual General Meeting to inform members of our finances and future and past activities. There will also be a lucky draw on the day.

All guests will receive a mooncake each!

地點/ Venue: Regal Restuarant (2/10 Purdue St, Belconnen ACT 2617)

時間/ Time and Date: 12pm to 3pm, 23rd September 2018

費用/ Fee:

貴賓/ VIP $35

大人/ Adult $25

素食/ Vegetarian $20

小孩/ Children (6 ~ 12 years old) $10

小孩/ Children under 6 免費 Free


Please RSVP by 15th of September over Eventbrite. Its link is below.




葷食 –





甜品: 水果拼盤

素食 –






Restaurant Menu is listed below:

Adult meal –

Entree: Spring rolls, Dim sum

Soup: Wanton Soup

Mains: Steam Barramundi, Mongolian Beef, Cumin Lamb, Salt pepper squid, Cashew chicken, Zhenjiang pork ribs, BBQ duck, Stirred fried prawn in XO sauce, Ginger shallots scallop, Stirred fried vegetable with garlic, Spicy fat intestine

Mains: Fried rice, Boiled rice

Dessert: Fruit salad

Vegetarian meal –

Entree: Vegetarian spring rolls, Vegetarian dumplings

Soup: Vegetarian sweet and sour soup

Mains: Seasoned cucumber, Eggplant tofu steam bowl, Vegetable with steamed egg, Mapo tofu, Pine nut corn, Stirred fried vegetable with garlic

Mains: Fried noodles, Vegetarian fried rice, Boiled rice

Dessert: Fruit salad

[轉發] Opening night: newly discovered photographs of Beijing, 1900–1902



Richard Rigby


Gallery, China in the World Building (188), Fellows Lane, ANU


Friday, 13 July, 2018 – 17:30 to 19:30

The photographs of Beijing in this exhibition were taken in 1901 and 1902 shortly after the end of the Boxer Uprising 義和團運動. They come from an album in the possession of Svetlana Paichadze, assistant professor at Hokkaido University. Although we cannot identify the photographer, it is very likely that the photographs were taken by representatives of the Russian legation in Beijing or someone from the military sent to China in 1900 to suppress the Uprising.

Svetlana Paichadze grew up in Khabarovsk, a city in the Russian Far East, 30 kilometres away from the Chinese border. Her father, S. A. Paichadze studied the history of the Russian books in China, Korea and Japan. Svetlana developed a strong interest in Japanese culture at a young age. In 1984, aged twelve, she met Yu. V. Maretin who specialised in the history of Indonesia and China during a conference about the Amur Region and its famous Russian explorer, V. K. Arseniev. At the time, he was the head of the Asian and African literature department of the State Saltykov-Schedrin Public Library and one of the most important bibliophiles in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). Impressed with Svetlana’s strong interest in East Asia,

Maretin presented her with the photo album of Beijing in 1902 with the words “from the present to the future researcher of East Asia.” Svetlana has always treated the album as a “talisman” which has accompanied her throughout her academic journeys as well as her move from Russia to Japan. Hidden for decades, the album received new attention when Shuge Wei, a historian of modern China at the ANU, saw the great value in it during her visit to the Hokkaido University in 2016 and encouraged Svetlana to share the photographs with a wider community.

The exhibition will be opened by Emeritus Professor Richard Rigby, ANU College of Asia & the Pacific.

The exhibition will be on 13 July- 30 August 2018.

RSVP essential by 11 July

[照片] TACA 端午餐會 | TACA Dragon Boat Festival (Duan Wu Festival) Luncheon




本次活動感謝  澳洲首都特區政府 及 駐澳大利亞臺北經濟文化辦事處 贊助



[公告] Open letter to the Rockhampton Regional Council

Rockhampton Regional Council Letter_1Rockhampton Regional Council Letter_2Rockhampton Regional Council Letter_3

[活動] TACA 端午餐會 | TACA Dragon Boat Festival (Duan Wu Festival) Luncheon

TACA Dragon Boat Luncheon_2018




活動時間:2018年6月17日 12PM ~ 3PM

活動地點: Australian Centre on China in the World, Building 188, Fellows Lane, The Australian National Univerity

活動費用: 居民 、孩童大於六歲 $10; 貴賓VIP $20; 孩童小於六歲以下免費






Dear TACA members and friends

Our once a year Dragon Boat Festival (Duan Wu Festival) luncheon will be held at the Australian National University. We sincerely welcome you to join us in celebrating this festival.

As per our custom, we provide each participant with a free rice dumping (ZongZi). There will also be entertainment program so don’t miss out!

Date\Time: 17th of June 2018 12PM ~ 3PM

Location: Australian Centre on China in the World, Building 188, Fellows Lane, The Australian National Univerity

Fee: $10 for Residents or children above 6 years old; $20 for VIP guests; Free for Children under 6 years old

Buffet provides vegetarian option.

You can also pre-order extra rice dumplings (vegetarian option available). $5 per each dumpling. It can only be collected on site and on the day of the event.

RSVP website link is below

Please RSVP and pre-order the rice dumplings by 10th of June 2018





[公告] Open Letter to World Health Organisation Director General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

WHA letter 2018_1WHA letter 2018_2WHA letter 2018_3WHA letter 2018_4

[照片] 貳零壹八澳洲坎培拉台灣同鄉會狗年舞新春春節餐會 | 2018 TACA LUNAR NEW YEAR’S CELEBRATION



本次活動感謝  澳洲首都特區政府 及 駐澳大利亞臺北經濟文化辦事處 贊助




[活動] 貳零壹八澳洲坎培拉台灣同鄉會狗年舞新春春節餐會 | 2018 TACA LUNAR NEW YEAR’S CELEBRATION



日期/Date: 2018年2月24日 (週六) 24 February 2018 (Saturday)

時間/Time: 12PM- 3PM

地點/Venue: China Tea Club, 7 Montford Cres, Lyneham ACT 2602


  • 大人/Adult: $35 per person
  • 素食/Vegetarian : $30 per person
  • 小孩/Children (6-12 years) : $12 per person
  • 六歲以下小孩/Children(under 6) : free

There will be lucky draw prizes courtesy of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Australia

Please RSVP before 16th February via Eventbrite

支付方式/ Payment methods

  • 電子轉帳 (建議方式) Electronic transfer (our preferred method)

帳戶名稱 Account name: TACA BSB: 112-908 Acc# 067570711

(請確保您在轉賬時註明您的姓名 Please ensure you indicate your name on the transfer)

  • 到場付款 Cash Payment on site

海鮮豆腐羹 Seafood and Tofu Soup

清蒸盲鰽 Steam Barramundi

薑蔥炒海鮮 Mixed seafood in ginger and shallot

黑椒牛柳粒 Stir-fried beef in black pepper sauce

鎮江排骨 Stewed pork ribs in black vinegar sauce

山東炸雞 Shantung crispy skin chicken

金菇扒白菜 Bok choy with mushrooms

黃瓜雲耳肉片 Fried Pork fillets with cucumbers

韓式泡菜雞柳 Kimchee chicken fillets

白飯 Rice 茶 Tea 水果 Fresh fruits
素食 Vegetarian

鮮菇豆腐羹  Mushroom and Tofu Soup

茄子豆腐煲  Eggplant and Tofu Hot Pot

清炒雜菜  Stir fried mixed vegetables

豆干三絲  Stir fried Pork strips with tofu

金茹白菜 Bok choy with mushrooms

椒鹽豆腐角 Deep fried tofu

羅漢上素煲 Vegetable hot pot

白飯 Rice 茶 Tea 水果 Fresh fruits

[公告] TACA 2018 New Year Greeting | TACA 2018年新年賀語

TACA_greeting letter_20171220_ChineseTACA_greeting letter_20171220_English

澳洲坎培拉臺灣同鄉會華語學校 | TACA Mandarin class for children starting on 10 February 2018

TACA Mandarin Class-Children to term1 2018

[照片] 2017年台灣國慶/ 中秋節/ TACA年度會員大會 | 2017 Taiwan National Day Celebration / Mid Autumn Festival / TACA Annual General Meeting



[活動] 澳洲坎培拉台灣同鄉會講座| 十月主題 – 澳式履歷及面試

你知道英文履歷不應該是中文履歷直接翻譯過來就好了嗎?你知道Cover Letter跟自傳是完全不同的東西嗎?如果你剛到澳洲或是覺得你的英文履歷總是沒有為你帶來好運的話,快來參加這一期的講座吧!另外,我們還會討論一些在澳洲面試的小技巧。

參加講座者請攜帶一份自己的英文履歷。如有Cover Letter、中文履歷及自傳也請攜帶。

時間: 10月21號星期六,早上10:15 – 11:45

地點: Belconnen Soccer Club, Hawker (Corner of Springvale Drive & Belconnen Way)

費用: 免費

報名方式: Eventbrite link


主講人:Benson Wong,英語教學碩士

Benson 19歲那年來澳洲讀大學,迄今已在澳洲生活、讀書、工作超過13年。Benson是一名公僕和兼職英文老師

[公告] Position Statement on Same Sex Marriage Postal Survey| 本會對於同性婚姻投票公投的立場

TACA Same-Sex-Marriage-position-statement_EnglishTACA Same-Sex-Marriage-position-statement_Chinese

[公告] 2017 ANU Taiwan Week


You are invited to attend the 2017 ANU Taiwan Week events, 26-29 September. The events are co-sponsored by the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Australia, Department of East Asian Studies, and ANU School of Culture, History and Language.

Please send your enquiries email to tsan-huang.tsai@anu.edu.au

ANU Taiwan Film Festival 電影

26-29 September 2017

Auditorium, Australian Centre on China in the World

4.00pm, 26 Sep

Badu’s Homework《風中的小米田》(2003) https://entoolkit.culture.tw/filminfo_62_239.html

YogeeTi 《有機體》(2012) http://www.hsumingwen.com/portfolio/yogeeti-dm/

6.00pm, 26 Sep

Super Citizen Ko《超級大國民》(1995) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0112659/


4pm, 28 Sep

Civil Disobedience《公民不服從》(2013) http://entoolkit.culture.tw/filminfo_62_222.html

6.00pm, 28 Sep

Girlfriend Boyfriend《女朋友。男朋友》(2012) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2319760/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1


4.00pm, 29 Sep

City of Jade《翡翠之城》(2016) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5473902/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

6pm, 29 Sep

The Road to Mandalay《再見瓦城》(2016) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5974402/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Sutra Copying and Chinese Calligraphy Workshop 抄經

2.30 to 3.20pm, 27 September 2017

Seminar Room, Australian Centre on China in the World

Tea and Buddhist Meditation Workshop 茶禪

2.30 to 3.20pm, 27 September 2017

Tea House, Australian Centre on China in the World 

Sponsored by the Nan Tien Temple in Sydney, these two workshops will demonstrate how to combine Chinese Buddhist meditation together with the cultural practices of calligraphy or tea drinking. A unique cultural experience!

Taiwanese Tea Tasting 6 品茶

1.30 to 2.20pm, 27 September 2017

Tea House, Australian Centre on China in the World

Our workshop will guide you in exploring an important aspect of everyday Taiwanese life through tasting tea. It will allow you to gain insights into the unique role that Taiwan has played in contributing to the diversity of tea cultures the world over.

An Elegant Music Gathering 樂集

5.30 to 6.30pm, 27 September 2017

Tea House,, Australian Centre on China in the World

An Elegant Music Gathering features music of Chinese operatic and instrumental traditions (the peking opera, the Chinese seven-stringed zither qin, and the Chinese four-stringed lutepipa), as well as some newly composed works for flute dizixiao and mouth organ sheng. A rare performance in Canberra!!

澳洲坎培拉臺灣同鄉會華語學校 | TACA Mandarin class for children starting on 9 October 2017


澳洲坎培拉臺灣同鄉會華語學校 | TACA Mandarin class for adults starting on 14 October 2017


2017年台灣國慶/ 中秋節/ TACA年度會員大會 | 2017 Taiwan National Day Celebration / Mid Autumn Festival / TACA Annual General Meeting



Dear TACA members/ friends


It’s time to celebrate Taiwan’s democracy and it also happens that Mid Autumn Festival is also around the corner. This year we are triple celebrating the events together.

請大家將這一天空出來,讓我們在美麗的Lake Burley Griffin一起迎接2017年春天的到來。

Reserve that weekend. Let’s say hello to the 2017 spring together at the beautiful Lake Burley Griffin


This year, we will again prepare lunch boxes after the exercise, proudly prepared by Chef Davis.


Time: 8 October (Sunday) 10:00 am

集會地點:國家鐘樓,Aspen Island,Lake Burley Griffin

Meeting point: National Carillon, Aspen Island, Lake Burley Griffin


Fee: Free


Parking : Please refer to the map for parking


Don’t forget to bring your picnic mats and sun protection measures

由於餐廳需要事前準備,僅事先報名(孩童六歲以上)並參加遊湖健行者,才可以當天領取便當 (當天報到處會提供餐券以供兌換),不便之處儘請見諒。

For catering purpose, only registered participants over 6 years of age and participate at the walk are eligible to receive a free lunch box (food vouchers will be issued at the check point) We apologise for the inconvenience caused

報名方式: 請於2017年9月30日前至Eventbrite註冊 (本次活動我們只能提供200個餐盒)

RSVP:  Please RSVP before 30 September 2017 (We are only able to cater for 200 lunch boxes)



This event is proudly sponsored by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Australia.


  1. 爌肉飯
  2. 三杯雞飯
  3. 雞排飯
  4. 豬排飯
  5. 魚排飯
  6. 素食餐盒


Lunch Boxes Options

  • Braised Pork with Rice
  • Three Cup Chicken with Rice
  • Chicken Katsu with Rice
  • Pork Katsu with Rice
  • Fish Katsu with Rice
  • Vegetarian

All lunch boxes include water, fruit, dessert and moon cake.

[公告] 一起來為台灣代表隊加油吧! | 2018 FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship AVC Qualification Tournament

AIS Taipei

「2018年世界男子排球錦標賽亞洲區資格賽」將於2017年7月12至16日於坎培拉「澳洲運動學院」(Australian Institute of Sport, AIS)開打,歡迎大家前往為台灣隊選手加油打氣、共襄盛舉。


AIS Arena (Leverrier Crescent, Bruce ACT 2617, Australia)


12/07  (三) 17:00 台灣 vs 日本
14/07  (五) 11:00 台灣 vs 紐西蘭
15/07  (六) 17:00 台灣 vs 泰國
16/07  (日) 17:10 台灣 vs 澳洲

購票(票價視場次 $5 ~ $20 不等)請上:


The [2018 FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship AVC Qualification Tournament] is going to be held at the AIS Arena, from 12th to 16th July. Please come and support the Taiwan Team!!!

Location:  AIS Arena (Leverrier Crescent, Bruce ACT 2617, Australia)


12/07  (Wed.) 17:00 Taiwan vs Japan
14/07  (Fri.) 11:00 Taiwan vs New Zealand
15/07  (Sat.) 17:00 Taiwan vs Thailand
16/07  (Sun.) 17:10 Taiwan vs Australia

Tickets from $5 to $20 and available through Eventopia ( https://www.eventopia.co/event/FIVB-World-Champs-Qualifying-Tournament/349458 )

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[照片] TACA端午粽飄香|TACA Dragon Boat Festival



An Open Letter to WHO from TACA President Dr. Lin

Letter to WHO page 1

Letter to WHO page 2

Letter to WHO page 3

[活動] TACA端午粽飄香|TACA Dragon Boat Festival


各位鄉親 大家好!




*活動時間:2017年5月28日 12 PM – 3 PM

*活動地點:The Lotus Hall, Australian Centre on China In the World, Building 188, Fellow Lane, Australian National University

*活動費用:居民、孩童 $15 貴賓 $20 (六歲以下兒童免費)

*活動網址及訂購肉粽: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/tacataca-dragon-boat-festival-tickets-34193082430

*菜單: 紅燒牛腩 、三杯雞、炒米粉 、炒時令菜 、蒜蓉豬五花 、提拉米蘇



Dragon Boat (Duanwu) festival celebration with Taiwanese Association of Canberra

Traditionally, Taiwanese commemorates the death of the poet and minister Qu Yuan every year on the day of Duanwu. This year in Canberra, TACA will continue the tradition of giving out FREE RICE DUMBPLING (Zongzi) per person!

*Time & Date: 12pm – 3pm, Sunday 28 May 2017

*Location: The Lotus Hall, Australian Centre on China In the World, Building 188, Fellow Lane, Australian National University

*Cost: $15 for Residents & kids; $20 for VIP guests (children under 6 years of age are free)

*RSVP and pre-order rice dumpling: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/tacataca-dragon-boat-festival-tickets-34193082430

*Menu: Braised beef, Three Cup Chicken, Stirred Fried vermicelli, Stirred Fried Seasonable Vegetable, Pork with Ginger and shallot, Tiramisu

Love Taiwanese rice dumpling? You can pre-order more online when RSVP at $4.5 for 1, $20 for 5

Please RSVP and pre-order your rice dumpling before 21 May 2017 (Vegetarian options available on request)

(Please note, rice dumplings can only be collected at the venue on the day)

Privacy & Personal Information The collection, storage and release of the personal information provided by members are protected by the Privacy Act 1988. Taiwanese Association of Canberra, Australia (TACA) only gives this information to a third party where the permission is given, or in special circumstances, where Commonwealth Legislation allows or requires it. Photographs are taken in all events hosted by TACA for community group for promotion and funding application purposes required by Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (TECO) and Overseas Chinese Affair Council (OCAC). Photographs will also be posted on TACA websites and facebook pages. If you do not wish your photographs to be posted, please inform our committee members and by written request to our email